What is Lucid Dreaming?

The basic definition of lucid dreaming requires nothing more than becoming aware that you are dreaming. However, the quality of lucidity can vary greatly. When lucidity is at a high level, you are aware that everything experienced in the dream is occurring in your mind, that there is no real danger, and that you are asleep in bed and will awaken shortly. With low-level lucidity, you may be aware to a certain extent that you are dreaming, perhaps enough to fly or alter what you are doing, but not enough to realize that the people are dream representations, or that you can suffer no physical damage, or that you are actually in bed.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dream Sex 102

So what do we really want with dream sex?
We really want connection, relationship, and a shared experience, even in our dreams! For many beginner lucid dreamers who are used to “abracadabra I can get whatever I want” this often means a difficult shift in perspective from grasping for gratification to connecting to our inner passions.
I don’t mean to suggest that you can’t be gratified. The opposite is true; remember that piece about how orgasms can be real? By focusing on relationships first and sensations second, many lucid opportunities will come your way. And once you make the shift, you will probably find that your waking life sexual relationships will become more fulfilling too.

Sacred Sexuality and Lucidity

lascaux shaman erection Erotic Lucid Dreaming: Exploring Sex & SpiritThe erotic energies are very strong. Lucid dreaming is an altered state of consciousness, and the sexual energies in dream, trance, and visions have been explored for millennia by mystics, magis, and saints as a path to know the Divine. In fact, some of the earliest known paintings in the world, including the famous cave art of Lascaux, France, depict sexual ecstasy (note the erection of the bird-man).
In Christianity, the medieval mystics, such as Teresa of Avile and St. Catherine of Siena, explored sexual themes in their ecstatic trances. Taoism, Sufism, and Buddhism all have developed mental practices for sacred sexuality as well. Many of these ancient practices focus on cultivating sexual energy and then using it to purify the mind and the body.
Delving into lucid dreaming sexuality may have some unforeseen results due to the power of the erotic energies
All of this is to say that sexual energy is well known by consciousness explorers as having more value than scratching the pleasure centers of the brain. While getting closer to the Divine may not be your intention, it is helpful to know in advance that delving into lucid dreaming sexuality may have some unforeseen results due to the power of the erotic energies.
By the way, a classic book that is explores sexuality, spirituality and lucid dreams is Patricia Garfield’s Pathway to Ecstasy: The Way of the Dream Mandala Erotic Lucid Dreaming: Exploring Sex & Spirit. Highly recommended.


  1. Lol I never thought you could actually do this while dreaming

  2. This is really interesting. For some reason there is never anything sexual in my dreams

  3. Just stumbled onto your blog, very interesting. I might have to look up your old pages. I enjoy Lucid Dreaming very much. Any good stories to share?


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